Gift Certificate to the Moscow State Conservatory

The certificate gives the right to attend all events of the Moscow State Conservatory according to its denomination

How to use

  1. Choose a denomination of the certificate Choose from the list or type
  2. Delivery options Buy a Certificate for yourself or for a friend
  3. The Certificate will be sent to the recepients e-mail Don't forget to check Junk Mail Folder
  4. Go to Activation and type the Certificate number The Certificate number will be mentioned both in e-mail and on the Certificate
  5. Choose events, available for your denomination Events available in the Moscow State Conservatory
  6. Tickets will be sent to the recepient via e-mail Tickets can be printed or shown on the screen

Terms of Use

  1. The certificate is not personalized and can be given to the third parties
  2. In case of loss of the unique ID number of the Certificate, the latter can not be restored If You did not receive a Certificate with a unique ID number after payment, call the Zapomni support service: +7 (495) 120-42-64 (from 10:00 to 23:00 (UTC + 3)) or write to support@lastick.ru
  3. The certificate is not refundable and exchanged for cash, or for another certificate
  4. The value of the Order cannot exceed the nominal value of the Certificate
  5. In case the Order value is less than the nominal value of the Certificate, the difference is not paid to the Client The entire nominal value of the Certificate is used only once and fully
  6. As a general rule, after the Certificate is activated (i.e., purchases of the Services through it), the Client is not entitled to return / exchange the Services received
  7. The certificate has a limited validity period for activation (3 month) Activation of the Certificate after its expiration is not possible

About the Venue

The Moscow State Conservatory is considered to be the heart of cultural Russia. For the whole world, the Moscow Conservatory – along with the Bolshoi and Mariinsky Theaters, the Hermitage, Moscow Kremlin – is a symbol of the great Russian art.

The world's leading music university was founded in 1886 by the pianist and conductor Nikolai Rubinstein. Music theory was taught by young Peter Tchaikovsky, the Piano class was conducted by Joseph Wieniawski, the brother of the famous violinist Henryk Wieniawski, the Violin Art was taught by Ferdinand Laub and the composer Ludwig Minkus, the author of the immortal ballet Don Quixote. Hector Berlioz, who visited Moscow Conservatory on its first year, was amazed by the possibilities of the university and told the musical world about the birth of a new phenomenon in the Eastern Europe.

The true treasure of the Conservatory are the concert halls: the Small, Rachmaninovsky, Myaskovsky and Great Hall, one of the most famous in the world. Excellent design, convenient location and – most importantly for musicians – great acoustics achieved it the deserved title of the best concert venue in Moscow and Russia. In 2006, the Corps of the Great hall (the main building of the Moscow Conservatory) was named after the founder of the Moscow Conservatory N.G. Rubinstein. The main concert hall of the Conservatory is decorated with a wonderful organ of the Parisian firm “A. Cavaille-Coll" made in 1899, which was recognized at the Paris World Exhibition (1900) as one of the best organs of the world.